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What We're All About

What We’re All About

The Hideout Salon and Lounge

The Hideout Salon and Lounge is a funky, eclectic salon located in the heart of East Nashville above Nashville staple, The Lipstick Lounge. Our mission is to give the community great hair and cultivate a safe space to be creative. Our speakeasy-esque space is one that is for the misfits, the creators, the yogis, the artists, the musicians, the loiterers, the rebels, and most of all for good hair! We welcome all to come get cuts and colors by some of Nashville’s most bad-ass stylists, who, like the space itself, are unique, creative, and in love with their craft. In addition to the salon, we will regularly host a myriad of events like live music, meditative yoga classes, and art shows featuring local artists. At The Hideout Salon and Lounge we strongly believe in a sense of community and safe spaces for creation, cultivation, and exploration. Our entrance is located behind Lipstick Lounge, just ring the buzzer and come on up!