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Featured Artist

Penis Art Show


20% of all proceeds will go to TCCPN who gives support to those with Prostate Cancer in Nashville. We will be providing wine and beer from Black Abbey Brewery. The following artists are participating in the Art Show

Emily Allen- focuses on people and portraits, especially photos and concepts that expand the visibility of and create connection to queer

Christopher Larson
Sarah Morris
Kensuke Nakamura- an aspiring intersectional feminist, social activist, comedy groupie, and social butterfly

Heather Lane- Traveling Photographer with an architectural focus

Natalie Rose- strives to express raw human emotion through my use of color and brush strokes.

Erik Oliviera

Ethan Black- works in film and media, having had his work displayed or used by The Martha Stewart Show, Dolly Pardon in conjunction with Netflix, and The History Channel.

Maxwell Sebastian- works deals with themes of sexuality and the sheer absurdity of being a connected human in a specific moment in time

Mack Lunn- his dynamic work serves as a dichotomy of death motivating life